• Collaboration

    Welcome to the third section of this qualification. It is important that you make notes during each lesson and that you reflect on these in your own time. 

    It is expected that you will complete the following lessons over a maximum period of two weeks (but please don't leave everything to the last minute) and it is recommended that you study at a regular pace and revisit lessons to ensure that your new knowledge sinks in.

    This module, digital collaboration is focused on the digital skills that allow you to work seamlessly with others, in either a professional or social setting. This qualification is not just about "click on this, click on that, then press enter" - this qualification is about understanding the effects of all actions.

    By the end of the topic you will be able to:

    • Understand how collaboration can enhance personal, professional and organisational practice
    • Be able to plan, organise and apply efficient collaborative working practices

    You will need your Coleg Sir Gar student login details for this section and your tutor, Julia, will place you into a group of two or three learners.